My name is Captain, Captain.

A collaborative interactive poem written in a language of word and image. The central navigational metaphor is dead reckoning, or, flying blind, and the work as a whole has a peculiar relationship to the golden age of flight.

Robert Coover, author of The Public Burning

  • "Taking verbal and visual metaphors from the early days of flight to the hypermedia skies of these early days of electronic literature, My Name Is Captain, Captain. is, even at the moment of its publication, a classic in its form. At times playful, at times somber, My Name Is Captain, Captain. is, at all points of the compass, a compelling and intriguing read."

Bobby Rabyd, author of Sunshine '69

  • "You don't need to know Morse code to enjoy the genius in this triumph of literary design. With their flirtatious interface, Judd Morrissey and Lori Talley have built more than a poem -- they've built a pioneering poetics based on animation, recombination, and exploration. Messages read like broken radio communications of early women aviationists. Language harmonizes literary forebears Gertrude Stein and Keith Waldrop with their estranged heirs' electroacoustic music and Chicago math rock. Sound (it's all in your head) supplies the coordinates for lost flights. My Name is Captain, Captain. might make dit dah dit dah a household word."

Jessica Pressman, Iowa Review

  • "The Very Essence of Poetry....My name is Captain, Captain. merges writing and design, text and image into the fused shape of intersecting circles. The poem makes manifests the act of reading between the lines of a compass, the notations and pauses of Morse code, the words and images of poetry ....Meet My name is Captain, Captain. , electronic literature which, in focusing on the work as "literature," foregrounds the "electronic" as a space for future literary work and study."